The Bag


  • Welded filter bag ideal for all filtration
  • Resealable locking closure
  • 180 micron mesh
  • Resistant to bleach, caustics, and acids



The Bag™ is an innovative welded filter bag with a durable non-stitched seam. It has a 180 micron mesh, is resistant to bleach, caustics, and acids, and comes with a convenient resealable locking closure. It is available in a convenient 5″ x 9.5″ size. It is ideal for all filtration products and has an exceptionally long life.

Unlike stitched seams, welded seams are not subject to degradation from exposure to bleach, caustics, acids, or other harsh environmental exposure likely to take place during regeneration of filter media. Caution should be excercised, however, to avoid overfilling or over-packing as welded seams can be forced to separate by excessive pulling forces.

Sizes: 13 x 25.5 cm (5” x 9.5”)


Simply place desired filtration material e.g. Purigen®, CupriSorb™, etc. and close The Bag™ using the resealable locking closure. For best results, The Bag™ should be placed so as to maximize the flow of water through it.

1. I’ve tried other filter bags to hold resins, but they were poorly stitched (brand new and not used yet) and the result is the resins would always leak out. Is The Bag™ any better?

Seachem’s The Bag™ is a welded seam bag and so does not have the problem of loose stitching. Also, The Bag has a 180 micron mesh, so it holds even the finest resins.

2. Which Seachem filtration media will The Bag™ hold?

The Bag™ is ideal solution all of our chemical filtration medias, but is compatible with our entire line of filtration. It has the added benefit of being resistant to bleach and acid for our products that can be regenerated.

3. How much will The Bag™ hold?

You can fit about 500 mL of media into The Bag™ securely.

4. The seam on The Bag™ popped when I filled it full of media!

The seal on The Bag™ is very strong, but as with any seam, it is possible to pop this seam if handled roughly or if the bag is overfilled. Remember: media should sit somewhat loosely in a media bag so that water can flow around the media.