Cleaning & Maintenance

Aquarium Cleaning Products in Melbourne

Everyone wants their aquarium to be beautiful, but you might not know how to keep your fish tank clean or have the correct aquarium cleaning products to do so. Cleaning your fish tank can be a chore, but it’s necessary to keep your fish healthy and maintain your aquarium’s appearance. At Fish World Aquarium, we’re proud to stock fish tank cleaning kits that contain everything you need to take care of your aquarium.

To wipe algae off the walls of your aquarium, we highly recommend using an aquarium magnet cleaner along with a magnetic algae scraper. This magnet tank cleaner will quickly clean off algae without the need for you to get your hands wet, with the magnetic algae scraper able to scrape off even the most stubborn algae.

Fish World Aquarium highly recommends that you also use an aquarium glass cleaner for wiping the outside of your fish tank to ensure a stain-free and crystal-clear shine. Using this product will make a huge difference in both maintaining and getting the most out of your fish tank.

Our Complete Range of Aquarium Cleaning Products

  • Fish Tank Cleaning Kit
  • Fish Tank Glass Cleaner
  • Magnet Tank Cleaner
  • Magnetic Algae Scraper
  • Algae Scraper with Handle
  • Aquarium Filter Pipe
  • Fish Net
  • Gravel Cleaners
  • Aquarium Tongs
  • Easysiphon
  • And more

Ask Us About Our Aquarium Cleaning Products

If you’re looking for an aquarium store in Melbourne that stocks high-quality aquarium cleaning products to help you maintain your fish tank, Fish World Aquarium has what you need. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable experts at our Dandenong store today by calling (03) 9794 0263.

Disclaimer: Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.