Reef Energy AB+ Plus

Reef Energy AB+ Plus



An all-in-one superfood that will have your corals thanking you, delivering better growth, higher resilience, brighter colours, greater ease of use with automatic dosers, and minimal over skimming.

Based on our long-term research, Reef Energy Plus is an enhanced supplement that provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration.




  • Meets corals’ complete nutritional requirements.
  • Maximal rate of growth.
  • Ease of use with automatic dosing.
  • Minimal over skimming.
  • Highest energetic efficiency.
  • No residual waste.

Maximal growth

With Reef Energy Plus, your corals will grow even faster than the original, two-part formula. Our long-term laboratory testing clearly demonstrated a 15% faster growth rate with Reef Energy Plus.

Ease of use with automatic dosing Feeding your corals is easier than ever. You can use an automatic dose to feed your corals with Reef Energy Plus, as the new all-in-one formulation can be kept unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week without compromising the efficacy of the combined components.

* To avoid spoilage, do not leave Reef Energy Plus unrefrigerated for more than one week and wash the dosing container with soapy water between refills.

Minimal over skimming The new formulation minimises over skimming after feeding.

Highest energetic efficiency Consists of an organic complex of dissolved and suspended simple building blocks of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins, Reef Energy Plus can be absorbed and consumed directly by the corals. This immediate, direct consumption provides the highest energetic efficiency to the corals.

No residual waste Every single component of Reef Energy Plus is consumed and utilized by the corals for their metabolic processes (e.g., protein production and soft tissue regeneration), leaving no unnecessary polluting organic material in the aquarium.

* When using LED lighting, increase the dose if corals are not growing even if there are no signs of photoinhibition.

  • Dosing Reef Energy Plus Tank Type Daily Dosage.
  • SPS Frags Dose 4ml per 100 litres.
  • Mixed reef 4ml per 100 litres.
  • SPS dominant 8ml per 100 litres.
  • ULNS 12ml per 100 litres.

The dosage chart is the recommended starting point for dosing based on a well stocked aquarium, however the dosage may need to be adjusted to the specific needs of your system.

Always monitor the visual appearance of your corals and check for fluctuations in nitrate and phosphate levels particularly in low nutrient tanks.

Typical signs of overdosing are the development of a grey/brown bio-film on the live rocks and outbreaks of algae.

Signs of under-dosing in a low nutrient system are bleaching of the corals from the base upwards.

The signs of over/under dosing the Reef Energy Plus supplements can also be related to other issues such as too high/low levels of nitrate and phosphate or over/under dosing of TraceColors elements. Before adjust the dosing of the Reef Energy make sure that all measurable parameters are at optimal levels.