Basalt Joinable CopiRock PU

Basalt Joinable CopiRock PU


The Aqua one and Reptile One CopiRock is a fantastic replica of natural 3D looking rock surfaces which will create a shop stopping effect. The CopiRock is safe for both for aquatic and reptile life.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to trim for a perfect fit
  • Seamless joints when using two or more pieces for larger aquariums
  • Easy to clean surface for a more hygienic environment
  • Adds 3D dimensions to your aquarium or terrarium

Specifications: Available in 2 sizes

  • 29996 – CopiRock PU Background Joinable Basalt 45 X 48cm
  • 29997 – CopiRock PU Background Joinable Basalt 60 X 48cm

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical and Marine Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians