Platinum Frag

Waterbox Platinum Frag


Waterbox Platinum Frag tank are state of the art making your frag selection a master display.



Waterbox Platinum Frag Aquarium

The Waterbox Platinum Frag series aquaculture system is an industry first.

The Frag System provides advanced hobbyists a way to facilitate a grow out system for their frags and cultured corals.

Waterbox has taken the highly acclaimed Platinum system design and created a proprietary Aquaculture style aquarium for serious hobbyists.

Waterbox Platinum Frag Models 

The Waterbox Platinum FRAG series tanks are the industry’s first production reef ready frag tanks.

This series includes some features that require simple plumbing connections and understanding of overflow filtration systems.

When purchasing you Waterbox Aquarium from The Tech Den we will be happy to help you with explaining the plumbing as well as selecting equipment ideal for your Wavebox Aquarium.

Platinum Frag Glass

  • The Waterbox Platinum Frag series is designed for shallow reefs and aquaculture.
  • The unique 31.5cm tank height provides easy access for maintenance and husbandry.
  • Rimless 10mm Starphire Ultra-Clear Beveled Glass
  • Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges.

The water etched glass overflow box

Our unique glass overflow box provides superior surface skimming and allows the owner to keep their Waterbox completely clean of algae.

Rubber Mat Under Tank

Each Platinum Reef comes with a pre-seated Self levelling rubber mat under the glass tank

Platinum Frag Filtration

Waterbox engineers have designed a prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Dual adjustable overflow returns

In order to maximize directional flow, the Waterbox Platinum Series includes dual adjustable return nozzles.

Precision gate valve

Controls the flow through the drain system and maintains quiet operation.

Safety drain

To prevent overflowing, a secondary safety drain is available.

Whisper quiet overflow design

Our design eliminates gurgling sounds from the overflow box.

No gluing required

Pre-cut and pre-glued pieces allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Flexible return pipe

Can be easily adjusted to accommodate your choice of return pump.

Quick disconnect unions

Disassemble easily without any cutting of plumbing required.

Professional Sump system with Auto Top off Reservoir

Each platinum series includes a glass sump with ATO reservoir that can be converted to a refugium.

Multi-level filter sock chamber

Dual micron socks reduce noise, prevents clogging, and reduces chances of overflowing.

Standard Filter Socks

The Waterbox Platinum Series each include 2 x 4 Inch filter socks to keep water clarity pristine.

Platinum Frag Cabinets

Made by world renown furniture manufacturer, the Platinum Series cabinets are heavy duty UV coated plywood.

Includes stainless hinges, push open doors and levelling feet.

Waterbox 4 foot and larger models include a separate section for equipment storage.

The precision is in the elegance of the cabinetry which includes:

  • Soft Close PVC Coated Hinges
  • Recessed Push Open Doors
  • Adjustable Levelling Feet