Marine Care Multi Test Kits

Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kits


Easy-to-use tests for the accurate monitoring of all of the important parameters during the biological maturation of marine and reef aquariums

Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit is Complete multi-test pack including all of the tests necessary to monitor the biological maturation of new systems and for the ongoing maintenance and algae management of fish-only aquariums.

The Marine Care Multi Test Kit includes the tests pH, KH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite in a durable, chemical-resistant plastic box.


Test Name Element Accuracy Range Test Type No. of test
Ammonia NH3/NH4 0.2 ppm 0-2 ppm Colorimetric 100
Nitrate NO3 2 ppm 0-250 ppm Colorimetric 50
Nitrite NO2 0.05 ppm 0-1 ppm Colorimetric 50
pH pH 0.2 ppm 7.6-8.6 Colorimetric 100
Alkalinity dKH 1 dKH/0.36 meq/L 0- Titration 55

By using Red Sea’s Complete Marine Care Multi Test Kit, you can monitor all essential water parameters during maturation.