Closed End Breeding Log

Kazoo Closed End Breeding Log


Fish thrive and are healthy when they have a comfortable, natural-looking environment. That’s why you need to add suitable ornaments and embellishments to an aquarium to ensure your pets have enough stimulation. We encourage you to consider the Kazoo Closed-End Breeding Log because it provides several benefits.



Best Bits:

  • The breeding log has a very realistic appearance so the fish will feel like they’re at the bottom of an Amazonian river.
  • The Kazoo Closed-End Breeding Log provides ample space for resting and breeding. Its closed end offers additional shelter to fishes that require rest.
  • All logs are individually hand-crafted and painted.
  • They are made from a durable polyresin. This material doesn’t fade or wear down over time.
  • Polyresin is non-toxic and completely safe for fish, regardless of their species.

The Kazoo Breeding Log is available in the following sizes:

  • Medium – 170W x 60H x 55D mm.
  • Large – 210W x 80H x 85D mm.