Platinium Heater

Aqua-El Platinium Heater


PLATINIUM HEATER – A new generation of glass aquarium heaters with outstanding precise electronic thermostat. Glass heaters enable temperature control between 20 and 33°C and maintain set temperature with an accuracy of +/-0.4°C. They feature intuitive regulation, ceramic heat radiator and a built-in electronic thermometer. Easy to use and maintain



PLATINIUM HEATER – innovative AQUAEL glass heaters fitted with a precise electronic thermostat. The product enables temperature control between 20 and 33°C, while maintaining it with an accuracy of +/-0.4°C; this makes it possible to use the heater in the treatment of many fish diseases, including the so-called “fish smallpox”.
The heaters feature intuitive regulation (ONE TOUCH system), ceramic heat radiator and a built-in electronic thermometer. Each unit is subject to computer testing at the AQUAEL laboratory.
A fully electronic thermostat allowed us to eliminate from the heaters – contrary to other models available on the market – mechanical contacts and other moving parts that are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, the heaters enable reliable operation for many years, ensuring optimum thermal conditions in the aquarium. The PLATINIUM HEATER range encompasses 8 models ranging from 25 to 300 W, which allows precise adjustment to aquarium size.

The PLATINIUM HEATER are one of the most technically advanced devices on the market intended for heating water in aquariums.
Heating aquarium water has never been so intuitive and safe. See for yourself!


  • Fully electronic – no parts of the thermostat are prone to mechanical failure
  • Built-in electronic thermostat – displays current water temperature in the tank
  • Precise electronic thermostat (+/-0.4°C)
  • Heater operation and current temperature indicated with LEDs
  • Suited for operation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • The PLATINIUM heaters are manufactured according to the most stringent European safety standards, ensuring safe operation and maintenance.
  • Each unit is tested and calibrated at the AQUAEL laboratory, ensuring precision and safe operation.
  • Made in Poland

For 100W:

  • For Aquariums 60-100l
  • 100 Watts
  • 24.5cm long
  • Electronic
  • Accurate to +-.4 degrees
  • No moving Parts

For 200W:

  • For Aquariums 130-200l
  • 200 Watts
  • 28.5cm long
  • Electronic
  • Accurate to +-.4 degrees
  • No moving Parts

For 300W:

  • For Aquariums 230-300l
  • 300 Watts
  • 36cm long
  • Electronic
  • Accurate to +-.4 degrees
  • No moving Parts