6 Stage 100GPD Premium RO/DI System

6 Stage 100GPD Premium RO/DI System

Our ‘Premium’ range of RO/DI systems, across all stage variations, include all optional accessories as well as 2 x 50GPD RO membranes. These systems do require a minimum water pressure of 65psi.


As long as the minimum water pressure can be provided, they will produce water twice as fast as a single standard 50 GPD membrane whilst cutting the amount of wastewater in half. If your home’s water pressure doesn’t reach the minimum 65psi required, don’t worry, you can add a booster which is sold separately.

The 6 Stage Reef Pure RO/DI systems are designed for Australian reefers who have tap water that is treated with high amounts of chlorine, chloramine and high levels of many other contaminants, such as heavy metals and nutrients.

All Reef Pure RO/DI systems feature full-sized DI resin stages for 0ppm TDS water and include a full set of filters with the system.

If you are looking for total peace of mind and are simply unsure of what is in your tap water and don’t want to take the risk, then one of our 6 stage systems are for you. With most Australian households having tap water which contains excessive TDS levels and difficult to remove contaminants like chloramines, phosphates, nitrates, silicates, the additional carbon stage and DI resin stage is a must to remove these pollutants.

The 6 stage systems are housed on 2 separate brackets, separating the dual deionisation stage from the rest of the system. Installing this system is very simple but they are better suited to a permanent installation due to the additional bracket.

Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions System: W 37cm × D 16.5cm × H 42cm
DI Stage: W 27cm × D 12.5cm × H 34.5cm